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Is your company in the market for an IT firm? Regrettably, if you lack tech expertise or experience with IT contracts, you may encounter concealed expenses that you wouldn’t anticipate or even recognize.

While opting for the cheapest IT firm may seem enticing, this decision could ultimately cost you more in the long term, thanks to omissions and undisclosed fees hidden within the contract. Budget-friendly IT firms often exclude certain services from the initial agreement and incrementally charge you to add them or present you with subpar solutions that will require costly upgrades later.

To help you discern between companies that aren’t the cost-effective deals they claim to be, here are several key aspects to consider when evaluating whether your quote is inadequate, overpriced, or underestimating the actual costs.

Inadequate Compliance and Cybersecurity Protections:
A ransomware attack can be a devastating blow to any business. It’s essential to ensure that the IT company you’re considering doesn’t merely rely on basic (and cheap) antivirus software for your network’s security.

Antivirus alone falls short in protecting against serious threats. Insurance companies now demand advanced cybersecurity measures like employee cyber awareness training, 2FA (2-factor authentication), and “advanced endpoint protection” to provide cyber liability and crime insurance coverage. We offer these industry standards in our services, greatly reducing the risk of cyberattacks and ensuring you’re not denied vital insurance claims.

Inadequate Recovery Solutions:
Verify that your IT firm proposal includes daily backups of your servers, workstations, and any cloud applications your company uses. Online applications don’t guarantee data backup, and it’s crucial that your backups are immutable to prevent corruption by hackers. Many insurance companies now mandate the presence of immutable backups before offering ransomware or cyber event coverage.

Transparency Regarding On-Site and After-Hours Fees:
Beware of additional charges for on-site or after-hours visits, which many IT firms may conveniently exclude from their initial agreements. Prior to signing, ensure that you have a clear understanding of what is covered in your service agreement to avoid unexpected costs.

Vendor Liaison and Support:
Determine whether your chosen IT firm will assist with all your tech needs or only specific components they’ve installed. Some IT firms may bill you hourly to address tech support issues with devices like phone systems, ISPs, security cameras, and printers that they didn’t provide. Our clients enjoy comprehensive support without additional charges for such services.

Budget Techs and Lack of Dedicated Account Managers:
Some companies compromise on customer support and expertise by hiring less experienced technicians or engineers. Smaller MSPs may lack dedicated account managers, leaving you reliant on a busy company owner to manage your account, updates, and regulatory compliance. Quality account management encompasses creating and managing an IT budget, devising a tailored business roadmap, and routinely reviewing compliance and security. The value of experienced and knowledgeable tech experts in networking and cybersecurity cannot be understated.

Before finalizing your decision, you must comprehensively understand what is included and excluded from the service you are subscribing to. Pricing may make one IT service provider seem more affordable than another until you examine the scope of services and protections provided.

If you’re interested in experiencing reliable, top-quality IT support, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with our team. We’ll be delighted to provide you with a quote that covers all your requirements. To Schedule Your FREE Assessment, please visit https://ibsre.com/connect-with-ibs/ or contact our office at 973-575-4950.