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New Jersey Companies,
Stand Secure with IBS’s
3-Stream Strategy

You focus on keeping your business moving forward. We’ve got your back when it comes to your technology and cybersecurity.

Rest Easy

Resist Cyber-Thieves and Bad Actors

Avoid Downtime and Lost Revenue

Inoculate Against Disasters

Reliable, Dependable Support

Protecting Your People

Saving You Money

Be truly resilient in the world of technology.
IBS’s 3-Stream Strategy sets you up to repel attackers, recover from disasters, and adapt to future business and market requirements.

Be Hacker-Proof


There’s a hacker attack every 39 seconds, and hacking is more profitable than the global illegal drug trade. Sobering statistics – and you don’t want your firm to be a casualty.

From illicit access to your customer information to accessing and redirecting your bank accounts, you are a target. We work with you to protect your systems and your people – proactively – by combining education with tools to create a comprehensive security plan.

Be Disaster-Proof


Cyber attacks. Fire. Weather Events. Electrical surges. Disasters can take many forms and happen almost anywhere. How do you ensure your business stays running when you’re confronted with a disaster?

It’s called Business Continuity – and it means that you stay running – no matter what. Ensuring that you are set up correctly – and appropriately for your business model – is one of our specialties.

Be Future-Proof


Some people call it being agile. We call it future-proofing – where we work with you to bake agility, forward-thinking, and proactive threat responsiveness into your IT systems (your infrastructure).

From strategic thinking to everyday maintenance, your systems work for you now and into the future, keeping you ready for whatever’s next, whether good, bad, or simply different and new. 

Strategies for IT Buying Success


Including 18 questions you’ll want to ask any potential IT services provider.

Be sure you’re making the best decision for your particular business.

These 18 questions will help you know for sure. Get straight answers and make the best decision possible.

We invite you to download it now.

Enjoy Stability

Today’s information technology infrastructure is incredibly complicated, and its rapid rate of change is nothing short of mind-boggling. IBS Managed IT Services helps small- and mid-size companies successfully stay on top of what they need to keep their systems current and create competitive advantage. It is no wonder that more and more companies are retaining IBS to fill the role of virtual chief information officer.

Keep Running

When access to data and software is interrupted – whether by a temporary power outage or a full-scale disaster – the ability to conduct business is, too. In an age where data is king, IBS Managed Services helps clients protect themselves against devastating losses with planning and services geared toward providing peace of mind that operations can continue uninterrupted in nearly any situation.


Be Cyber-Safe

Every company – whether large or small – is a target for cybercrime, and being prepared and vigilant has become an absolute necessity. IBS helps clients understand their vulnerabilities and implement practices, measures and actions that protect technology and information from attacks. Our professionals are committed to arming businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to fight common cyber-security threats and avoid the resulting consequences.

Are We a Good Fit?

What are the criteria that are important to you when forming such a strategic partnership?

  • We are a local New Jersey company that has been in business for a LONG time. Our average employee tenure is 15 years – with all the experience that goes with it.
  • We support our clients with local resources – we will never outsource your account overseas. You get our experienced, knowledgeable people when you need help.
  • We care about YOUR business and focus our efforts on helping you be protected and productive. Our entire team is in this business because we enjoy helping others. Except Jeff. We’re not sure about Jeff.
We’ve got your back.

From systems to cybersecurity, protecting your people, your customers, and your business from threats and bad actors, we’ll focus on your tech so you can focus on your business.


We catch potential IT troubles before those troubles catch you.

The biggest benefit IBS has provided is an integrated approach to my business network, which has tremendously reduced the amount of time I spend worrying about and working on the system computers. IBS has been very responsive whenever I have contacted them with an issue and has been able to solve the issue relatively quickly.  The personnel are friendly and professional, and have made the work-through of any issues relatively pain free on my part.

Gregory Thomas

Laboratory Director, TerraSense

IBS provides a broad range of services that we utilize. They deliver personalized customer service and quick responses to our questions and needs. If someone was on the fence about choosing IBS, my advice is Go For It!

Sue Bodyl

Accounts Receivable Manager, Friendwell Group