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Whether you develop, build, or manage commercial real estate (or all three), IBS has the financial management systems, supported with real live people who answer the phone, to give you the foundation for the 21st century and beyond.


You’re a Developer Who Owns and Operates Your Properties

You want a reliable, agile financial system that lets you easily track, report, and manage everything from builds and build-outs to managing, leasing, and maintaining your properties and more.

We developed Imperium to be your complete system of record, accessible anywhere. Because it is powered by the Acumatica Construction Edition, you get a fully integrated system that is intuitive and easy to use.

You’re an Owner / Property Manager

You own one property or many, and you handle all of the leasing, management, and maintenance of the properties you own. Your financial management system has to handle multiple companies, tenant reporting, lease adjustments, and so much more.

Imperium was built to give you the flexibility you need. From a platform for effective decision making to anytime/anywhere access to your data, Imperium handles it so you can handle it.

You’re a Developer / Contractor

Whether you develop properties for yourself or others, you want a financial management system that handles the details – from materials costing to change orders and beyond.

IBS recommends Acumatica Construction Edition to give you the modern, accessible-anywhere solution to fit those needs. Plus – if you develop your own properties, Imperium is powered by Acumatica – so you get a fully integrated management solution for your entire business.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Level Your Playing Field

Affordable, agile, responsive software that lets you compete against bigger players, reduce tenant turnover, and increase NOI. Make how you manage your properties a competitive advantage.


Improve Your Control

Manage revenue, costs, commitments, contracts, change orders, and financials in real time wherever you are. You don’t have to be tied to an office – or a specific device – to have the access you want and need.


Make Your Best Decisions

Decisions about how you run your business are best made with current, relevant data, so you can fully understand the impacts your decisions will have. Let’s put real-time data at your fingertips, accessible anywhere, on any device. How would that be?

Let’s Get Real

Any property management system will collect rent, write checks, keep a general ledger, and all that other ordinary stuff that such systems do.

Do we think ours is better? Of course. Our streamlined systems make it easy for you to manage the financial resources of your organization, anytime, anywhere you happen to be.

What sets IBS apart is that live, knowledgeable people answer the phone when you call with a question or need help.

That kind of support make any system better, don’t you think?

It starts with great software, backed by a great team.

Imperium, powered by Acumatica, is an add-on to the Acumatica suite, purpose-built for streamlining property management, including tenant management, collections, maintenance, and more.

For property developers and builders, Acumatica Construction Edition gives you tight controls over your project, from estimating to initiating all the way through closeout.

Trust the Words of Our Valued Long-Time Clients

“The IBS team is an extension of our team, especially when it comes to onboarding newly acquired properties. They have a very clear understanding of our network and have recommended several areas of improvement as our business has grown.  IBS is very responsive to issues as they arise and communicate well with our remote locations.”

Rob Weiner

CFO, Panco Management

“It is super rare in the world of software companies for a company to stay relevant for two to five years; 30+ years in property management software for IBS is pretty remarkable. In my experience, software vendors tend to over-promise and under-deliver. IBS treats us fairly and delivers what they promise. If someone who was on the fence about choosing IBS I’d tell them to choose the company that will be around in 20 years!”

Jonathan Nagin

Senior Vice President, Superior Management