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Managed IT Services is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the tech industry. And SMBs are among the biggest customers of managed service providers, so chances are your company is working with a tech partner – or considering one.

It’s easy to see why the trend of outsourcing IT functions continues to grow. Managed services providers deliver great value in terms of security and efficiency. But you want to make sure yours is supplying the day-to-day support you need and delivering on what they promised. Here’s an easy way to evaluate your current IT vendor. Or, if you’re in the process of searching for the right partner, you can include some of these points in your interviews.

Rate Your Managed Services Provider Now  

Y/N – My provider resolves emergencies promptly and efficiently.

Y/N – Critical security settings are monitored, patched and updated daily.

Y/N – My calls, emails and texts get a quick response.

Y/N – My network is monitored 24/7/365 so issues get addressed before I feel any impact.

Y/N – My tech partner is proactive – offering advice on improving my network.

Y/N – I get detailed invoices so I always know what I’m paying for.

Y/N – My partner talks in layperson language I can understand (no industry jargon).

Y/N – My provider meets deadlines and budgets.

Y/N – Questions are answered quickly.

Y/N – Services are guaranteed.

Y/N – My tech team provides good coverage. A qualified professional is always there for me.

Y/N – The team members working on my network have up-to-date vendor certifications.

Y/N – I’m confident that I’m not paying for on-the-job training.

Y/N – Sufficient time is spent on my work, so it’s right the first time.

Y/N – My tech team is dedicated to my business (no time conflicts with other clients).

Y/N – My back-up plan and my disaster recovery plan are top priorities.

Y/N – We hold regular and frequent meetings to discuss plans, network status and performance.

Y/N – My provider keeps me in the loop with status reports and frequent updates (no surprises!).

How Did Your Provider Stack Up?

If you got a “Yes” to all 18 – Bravo!

If you got 14-17 affirmatives, you’ve got a good thing going and now you know what to improve.

Below 10? Sounds like it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship. You might turn it around – but is it worth the time? A new tech partner may be the answer.

Having a productive relationship with your managed services provider is key to the success of your business. Integrated Business Systems (IBS) has been providing Managed IT Services for SMBs since 1999. Our clients enjoy the highest level of responsive professional support. Learn more.