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Running your own business can often make you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Even when you start your day early and end late, it seems there’s always something demanding your attention –another email or task. To be truly productive and set yourself on the path to success, it’s crucial to prioritize your tasks and realize that not everything needs to be handled by you.

Delegating tasks can be easier said than done. Many business owners struggle with passing off responsibilities, citing reasons like, “It’s quicker if I handle it myself” or “No one else can do it the way I do.” While these sentiments may hold for some tasks, when it comes to IT and technology-related matters, there are numerous responsibilities that business owners could and should entrust to a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Some of these tasks are readily apparent, such as cybersecurity. Maintaining a high-quality cybersecurity posture requires continuous 24/7 monitoring, a daunting feat for busy business owners. Handing this responsibility off to an unqualified employee, family member, or friend is not wise, as they may not possess the expertise needed to protect your business effectively.

Nonetheless, there are numerous other tasks that you may not have considered delegating to your MSP. Here are ten tasks that you can confidently pass on to your MSP, allowing you to concentrate on the core aspects of running your business:

  1. Fix or Optimize Wi-Fi: Instead of fumbling around with routers, leave Wi-Fi issues to your MSP for efficient resolution.
  2. Install and Set Up Microsoft Teams: Migrating to Microsoft Teams can enhance productivity and streamline communication and collaboration. Let your MSP set it up and train your team.
  3. Manage User Access Permissions and Credentials: Your MSP can handle user access provisioning and revoking access when needed.
  4. Procuring and Provisioning Devices: Trust your MSP to source and configure new devices efficiently when you need new devices.
  5. Providing Tech Support to Employees: Eliminate the need to troubleshoot tech problems yourself; your team can submit tech tickets for swift assistance.
  6. Set Up Dual Monitors: Improve productivity by having your MSP set up dual monitors correctly for your team.
  7. Speed Up Computers: If your computer is sluggish, contact your MSP for speed optimization rather than searching for DIY tips.
  8. Install E-mail/Spam Protection: Let your MSP filter spam emails, reducing risks and annoyances.
  9. Configure Office Equipment: your MSP can efficiently set up new office equipment like printers.
  10. Employee Screen Monitoring: Ensure employee productivity by having your MSP set up software to monitor activity.

And the list goes on. MSPs can also assist with various compliance requirements, file sharing for external/remote users, data loss recovery plans, office relocations, cabling, and more. Many business owners are surprised by the extensive range of responsibilities that a competent tech team can take on beyond just cybersecurity.

The best course of action is to schedule a FREE Network Assessment. During this assessment, our team will conduct a comprehensive audit of your entire system, identifying areas for improvement and optimization. We’ll provide you with a tailored plan to enhance productivity, efficiency, and security within your business. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.