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Can You Pass the Test?

Get to the truth of your cybersecurity. Are you ready? Can you recover from an attack? Find out for sure.

We’re practically neighbors.

IBS has been around since 1979, and we moved into this building at 999 Riverview Drive in Totowa in 2010. You’ve probably driven by at one time or another.

Heck, we, or our team members, might have even been in the same coffee shop or restaurant at one time or another.

The point is that we’re not strangers. We’re a reputable firm, right around the corner from you, offering to help you be certain that you’re ready for a cyber attack, prepared in the event of a disruption to your business, secure in the knowledge that your people, your organization, and you are as safe and alert as you can possibly be.

Here’s how we start.

We meet.

We spend 15 minutes together over Zoom to see if it makes sense to go any further. Together, we’ll decide to part as friends or to continue to the next step.

Simple, right? 15 minutes. That’s it. When it comes to something as critical as your cybersecurity, 15 minutes is a great investment.

Step 2: Collect Data

We’ll provide you with a piece of software that you can install (or have your IT person install, if you have one).

Once it’s installed, we’ll use it to run some tests. It won’t disrupt your software, make changes to your systems, or interfere with your business.

It will simply gather information that we will then use to create a report – a confidential, for your eyes only report – that will detail your vulnerabilities, if we find any.

Step 3: Report and Review

Report in hand, we’ll sit down with you at your office to review what we found.

Did you pass? Are you as secure as you thought you were? Or as you hoped you were? Or do you have vulnerabilities that you never even thought about?

Most people are shocked at what we find. I hope you won’t be, but wouldn’t it be great to know for sure?

Schedule an hour for this meeting, and be prepared to objectively listen to our findings. We pledge to objectively deliver the truth, whether you’re all set, at great risk, or anywhere in between.

Step 4: You Decide

Everything IBS has done for you thus far has been our service to you, no strings attached. Just part of our crusade to protect the universe from bad actors and unsavory cyber characters – and we’re happy to help.

But now, assuming that vulnerabilities were discovered, you get to decide how to move forward.

That report we will have just provided to you also contains recommendations for remediation, which we’ll review together.

And you’ll decide if you’re ready to be REALLY safe and secure and whether IBS is the right partner to help you get there and stay there – no matter what comes down the pike.

So I ask you…

Can you pass the test?

Click the button below to set up our initial 15 minute meeting. Let’s see if there’s a reason to take any other steps.