Next Briefing:
Wednesday, October 18
10AM to 10:30AM Eastern
Featured Topic:
Empower Your Team to Become a Force
(More than a Workforce)

Elevate Your Cybersecurity Defenses Through Team Training

Here’s what you’ll take away from this interactive session:

  • thumb_upSee how each team member plays a critical role in maintaining the front line of defense against cyber-villains.
  • thumb_upLearn about the tools, techniques, and culture you can leverage to turn your workforce into a vigilant cyber force.
  • thumb_upHow consistent training and open communication foster and environment where cyber threats are more easily identified and neutralized.


Join Mike (the expert) & MJ (the moderator and geek-speek translator) as they talk about what’s happening in cybersecurity with you. 



Your Cybersecurity Expert:

Mike Mullin, President, IBS


Your best offense is to stay up to speed on what can take your business to its knees.


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