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Be Prepared

Knowledge is Power

IBS Insider Cybersecurity Briefings bring you the latest news, helpful strategies, and real-world scenarios to help you better understand the risks you and other businesses face every day. Stay safe; we can help.

Empower Your Team to Become a Force

In this briefing, you can discover how each team member plays a pivotal role in fortifying your defense against cyber-villains. Learn about the invaluable tools, techniques, and cultural shifts that can transform your workforce into a vigilant cyber force.

Moreover, explore the significance of consistent training and open communication in fostering an environment where cyber threats are swiftly identified and neutralized.

AI: Dream, Nightmare, Both?

Is your business ready for the security risks that AI enables?

In this briefing, you’ll hear the real truth about AI, the security impact it’s having on businesses worldwide, and how to keep your business from becoming a victim.

PLUS – a BREAKING NEWS ALERT about what happened to one of the largest casino operators in the world. Big stuff!

Could YOU Lose $1M?

Most small and mid-sized businesses would go OUT of business if a million dollars – or more – suddenly went missing.

Could you withstand a loss like that?

Watch this and hear how it almost happened – and the happy coincidence that stopped it from breaking this company.

No Shopping Allowed?

Online shopping could mean big trouble if your team members are using their work computers to hunt down the perfect gifts.

You want to be flexible, but…

What can you do to mitigate this potentially business-killing risk and keep your business – and your people – safe?

Aware is Armed

In a special Cybersecurity Awareness Month briefing, we detail four focused, critical tips, plus a bonus tip on how you can keep your business (and yourself) more cyber-secure.

October may be Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but the fact is that vigilance and awareness is required every day of every month, all year, every year.

It’s Here to Help

We covered how the government is getting into regulating – and fining people for non-compliance – and how it’s impacting businesses of all sizes – from 2 people to 2,000 and more.

Listen and learn what your business is on the hook for – from designated personnel to policies and procedures and more. Think it’s only for big companies? Think again!

Ransomware – Argh!

Straight out of the trenches! In this Insider Briefing, Mike shared a real-life, happening-right-now ransomware attack being experienced by an IBS client.

Get a full picture of the ordeal that this small business  has gone through – and is still going through at the time of this briefing. Learn what you can do to make recovering from a ransomware attack on YOUR business faster and easier.

Such a Deal! No?

This session just happened to fall on Amazon Prime Day, so what better time to talk about threats than a day also known as “Crime Day”? So many opportunities for security breaches. So many scammers trying to get you.

We also discuss how your email address can be compromised and what that could cost. This is a huge risk area that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

You’re NOT Too Small!

Cyber attacks have doubled and more – and EVERYONE needs to be concerned, no matter the size of the business. What is a threat vector and why should you care? Where do cyberthreats come from?

What’s the difference between a breach and a compromise? Mike explains this and so much more.  Listen to the replay and find out why.