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Be Disaster-Proof

Neither flood nor fire nor felon…

Rest easy in the knowledge that no matter what Mother Nature or black-hatted bad guys might throw at you. you can keep your business running and your customers and employees served.

Big Benefits


Keep Running


Mitigate Risk


Be Resilient

Be Prepared for
Any Eventuality

Whether a cyberattack, a weather event, or a man-made disaster like an accident, fire, or a mechanical mishap in your building, your business needs to stay up and running and serving its customers.

A disaster that takes your business down might not be what you expect. IBS specializes in business continuity planning so you can handle what you don’t expect.

What Does It Mean to Be “Disaster-Proof”?

Keep your business running and your customers served even if you can’t get to your offices or your regular workstations. This is business continuity at its finest.


Implement Secure Access

Ensure that access to your systems and data is strongly protected, leveraging technologies like encryption, virtual private networks (VPNs), and secure socket layer (SSL) web access.



Education for Your Team

Provide scenario-based training for team members so they all know what to watch and listen for. Teach them to identify phishing and social engineering tactics designed to give hackers access to your systems.


Hardware and Software Solutions

Firewalls. Remote access servers. VPNs. SSL. Spam and virus protection. The right hardware and/or software solutions, combined with internal education, can keep your systems safe from hacking attempts.


Threat Assessment and Remediation

There is no one-size-fits-all security solution. Your business is unique, with unique processes and requirements – and your security solution must accommodate the nuances that make your business special.

  • Automated backups to secure off-site locations
  • Fault-tolerant data storage solutions
  • Remote access planning and implementation
  • Leveraging cloud-based resources as appropriate
  • Recovery planning including potential “hot site”
  • Risk mitigation strategy and implementation

Strategy and planning go together like ham and cheese.