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The Business Forecast Calls for Clouds
Cloud computing has come to the world of business in a big way, with every type of enterprise on or headed for the cloud. Decision makers can choose from a variety of computing environments and deployment options, from private to public to combinations of the two – called hybrid clouds. These options allow businesses to go with the kind of cloud that best delivers the computing capabilities they need.

Getting on the Right Cloud
The choice isn’t always easy. Each cloud deployment option offers different accessibility characteristics and capabilities, and different Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) profiles. Even accounting treatments differ from cloud to cloud. So, you’re asking: which cloud option do most companies prefer for the deployment of ERP solutions? A recent survey, conducted by the research and consulting firm Mint Jutras, found that 28 percent of the responding companies cited the “access any time, from anywhere” capability as their main reason for moving ERP to the cloud. However, 39 percent of companies in the survey preferred a “real SaaS solution” – not just accessibility. The benefits they expected included lower TCO, reduced cost/effort of upgrades, ease of remote access, faster innovation and more.

Considering Cloud SaaS ERP?
If you’re leaning toward cloud SaaS ERP, keep this in mind: All SaaS is cloud computing, but not all cloud computing is SaaS. Let’s break that down. Most ERP solutions can be accessed through a “cloud,” but how that access is accomplished varies, and with important ramifications. In the Mint Jutras survey mentioned above, over half the respondents reported that they needed to install additional software on the devices they used to access their ERP web applications. This may mean that without additional software, users working remotely would not have 24/7 access to ERP and other applications. As a result, those users would risk missing important messages or notifications regarding business conditions – conditions that might demand a rapid response.

Acumatica’s ERP and CRM Solutions Deliver Accessibility
IBS’s cloud partner Acumatica offers ERP and CRM solutions that are fully accessible for any browser-based device. They were developed as full, multi-tenant solutions, but they may be used in single-tenant and SaaS configurations, as well as an on-premise private cloud or on a hybrid cloud deployment model. The xRP platform and development tools allow the timely development and deployment of the mobile apps businesses need to compete in today’s mobilized universe.

Cloud ERP Is Not in the Forecast – It’s Here Right Now
Remember, not all cloud ERP solutions can truly be considered as part of the next generation. In the conclusion of her report, “The Force Was Strong at Acumatica Summit 2016,” Cindy Jutras wrote, “Next generation ERP like Acumatica 5.3 is faster, more technologically enabled, and more in tune with the evolving needs of the galaxy. If you are in search of a new solution that can awaken the Force in your company, you owe it to yourself to take a look at Acumatica.”